Training of foreign students at MPEI started in 1946. Beginning from this time, MPEI has always been open for foreigners. During these years more than 7500 foreigners from 85 countries have got high-quality education at MPEI and recieved Bachelor, Master, Engineer and Doctor of Philosophy Degrees. There are 70 Departments in MPEI, 550 educational laboratories for students and more than 100 research laboratories. Now more than 20000 ordinary and 500 Ph.D. students are trained at MPEI, including 2000 foreign students and trainees from 68 countries.

MPEI students have a chance to study at one of the most prestigious universities of Russia according to numerous rankings and surveys. For 85 years of history MPEI has trained a huge number of the qualified engineers, prominent scientists who were standing at the origins of many technical achievements, in particular, of laser creation. 

Among the most famous graduates of MPEI there are the ex-Chairman of the State Council of China Li Peng and the ex-President of Romania Ion Iliescu, Ministers of Engineering and heads of the engineering companies of many countries of the world.

In this section the detailed information about what does it mean the offered educational courses: Bachelor, Master and Ph.D. Moreover, there is the important information about the recognition of the educational documents, the document submission procedure, the order of visa getting and the rules of arrival to MPEI.​​​​​