Persons who completed their secondary education program (A level) granting them an opportunity to receive higher education in their country are admitted to the MPEI Bachelor program. The duration of the Bachelor course is 4 years. In this period students receive broad basic education on the chosen direction. After succeeding in curriculum realization students are given the State diploma of Bachelor in engineering and technology. Training at MPEI is based on Russian language. That’s why foreigners who don’t speak Russian on an essential level should firstly enter the preliminary course to study Russian and reach a sufficient level for their further education.



Directions and programs for Bachelor education at Moscow Power Engineering Institute could be found under item Study programs



Since 1995 MPEI provides training in English medium (on contract basis) for the Bachelor specialty “Computer engineering”, which can be henceforth continued at a Master course for the specialty “Computer science”. As the education is carried out in English, students don’t need to attend the Preliminary course, and the necessary Russian language knowledge for living in Russia is received during their study period on the supplementary Russian language courses. After finishing the education students receive the State diploma of Bachelor or Master in engineering and technology.