This part contains actual list of MPEI Master programs, at which MPEI is ready to accept students from partner universities under University of SCO project and provide their short-time training during 1 semester.

Field of study 140100 – Thermal Power Engineering and Heat Engineering:

  • Technology of Electric and Heat Energy Manufacturing
  • Power Engineering Boilers, Hydrodynamics and Furnace Processes
  • Environment Protection in Power Engineering. District Heating
  • Technology of Water and Fuel in Power Engineering
  • Theoretical Fundamentals of Heat Engineering
  • Automated Control Systems for Objects of Thermal and Nuclear Power Plants
  • Automate Control Systems of Heat Engineering Objects of Industrial Enterprises
  • Effective Thermal Power Engineering systems of Enterprises and Housing and Communal Services
  • Energetic of Heat Technologies
  • Energy Supply of Enterprises. Heat-and-Mass Exchange Processes and Installations
  • Autonomous Power Engineering Systems. Hydrogen and Electric-Chemical Power Engineering

Field of study 140400 – Electric Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering:

  • Electromechanical Energy Conversion and Methods of Investigation
  • Electrical Apparatuses for Energy Control and Distribution
  • Electrical Technology Processes and Installations with Systems of Control and Power Supply
  • Electrical Drive and Automatics
  • Electrical Materials Science, Physics and Engineering of Electrical Isolation, Cables and Electrical Capacitors
  • Motion Theory of Electrical Rolling-Stock and Optimization Problems of Haulage Equipment and Devices for Electric Supply of Transport Systems
  • Electrical, Electromechanical and Electronic Systems of Autonomous Objects
  • Engineering and Information Support of Construction and Functioning of Supply Sources, Networks and Objects of Electrical Systems of Consumers
  • Man-Caused Safety in Electrical Power Engineering and Electrical Engineering
  • Management in Electrical Engineering
  • Electrical Power Plants and Substations
  • Electrical Systems and Networks, its Modes, Stability, Reliability and  Quality of Electrical Energy
  • Optimization of Structures, Parameters and Modes of Electrical Supply Systems and Effectiveness Increase of its Functioning
  • Engineering and Electrical Physics of High Voltages
  • Energy Installations on the Basis of Renewable Energy Sources
  • Hydro-Power Installations
  • Relay Protection and Automation of Electrical Power Systems
  • Management in Electrical Power Engineering

Educational plans and annotations of disciplines could be found at the part "Education at MPEI" – select appropriate field of study and Master program.