Foreign students, which are educated in MPEI on the contract base, can obtain accommodation in a special hostel for foreign students which is under guarding check. The hostel is situated in 16-flour building and consists of two-room apartments with furniture, bathroom and toilet in each apartment. The students of B.Sc. and M.Sc. courses usually live in two-bed or three-bed rooms.  There is also a hostel of the corridor type with the two-bed rooms.

On every floor of the hostel there is a kitchen and a rest-room. The rooms are furnished with beds and mattresses, tables, chairs, lamps, wardrobes, bookshelves. All the linen, including pillows, pillow-cases, bed-sheets, bedspreads, blankets, is provided when moving in and should be returned safe and sound when moving out.

While moving in the student is informed about the Rules on staying in the MPEI hostel, which must be obeyed by everyone.

MPEI is not entitled to take care of long or short staying of relatives of the students in Russia and does not provide their accommodation.

In the campus of MPEI there are additional services (laundry, shops, repair offices, post-office, cultural facilities, cafes etc.), which can be used by the foreign students on the conditions acting for the Russian students.

The payment for the hostel is transferred by the students to the hostel account on their own before the beginning of each semester.