Scholarships for training foreign citizens at Russian universities are provided by Russian Ministry of Education and Science according to inter-government agreements. In order to get such scholarship foreign citizens should apply to their native Ministries of Education.

Scholarships for foreign student education in Russian universities are ensured by the Russian Ministry of Education and Science. This line of acceptation is based on the inter-governmental agreements in which the education in Russian universities at the expense of Russian budget is anticipated. The students accepted on the basis of the Russian scholarships have a free education and the accommodation fee and medical insurance are covered similar to Russian students. These foreign students have the monthly scholarships from Russian budget as well as from the native Embassy. The educational quota for each country is defined annually, and the selection of candidates is fulfilled by the sending country with the account of the applicant talent and the necessity for the country the chosen specialty. The list of selected candidates and their documents are directed by the national Ministry of Education through the Embassy in Moscow to the Russian Ministry of Education and Science, where these documents are investigated and sent to various Russian universities. These universities have got the information about the foreign candidates only after the final decision on their acceptation made by the Russian Ministry. These foreign students are accepted into these universities in accordance with the order of the Russian Ministry of Education and Sciences.

It is rather difficult for the foreign citizens to be included into this scholarship line of acceptation and the final decision depends on the national and Russian Ministries of Education. The accepted foreign students at first study Russian language and then, after successful pass through the exams, enter to Bachelor course (or at Ph.D. course). The education is provided in Russian medium in accordance with the Russian Educational Standards. At poor education results or at disturbing of Russian Regulations, the student is eliminated from the university, and looses the right to be educated on the basis of Russian scholarships.

MPEI can also accept foreign students for training on payment basis under individual contract or under contract with an foreign company or organization. Tuition fee for training foreign students at MPEI is established by MPEI Academic Council and can be changed once a year for new incomers.

The education of foreign students on the payment basis is the most popular line of acceptation and it completely depends on the university and does not depend on the opinion of Russian Ministry of Education and Science. Educational contract is signed by the student and the university, and no confirmation is needed. The students accepted on the contract basis cover themselves all expenses including the tuition fee, accommodation fee, the medical insurance as well as all transport expenses, meals, clothes, cultural program etc.

Applicants should present the set of documents to MPEI and show the consent with all organizational and financial conditions. If MPEI makes the positive decision about acceptation (on the basis of investigation of all presented documents), MPEI requests the official invitation to get the entry visa to Russian and via the coordinator informs the applicant about the arrival conditions. The preliminary payment is the tuition fee for the first semester.

If during the education the students shows poor results, destroys the contract obligations (for example, disrupts the payment dates) or breaks the Russian laws, he/she is dismissed from MPEI and should be evicted to native land.

If the parents of new student applicant had graduated from any educational course of Moscow Power Engineering Institute, the tuition fee for this applicant for full education period is 10%-less compared to the standard fee.