Regulations on admission of foreign citizens entering MPEI are annually confirmed  by the Academic Council of MPEI on a base of active directions of the Ministry of education and science of Russia. It is possible to find them on the MPEI site in the “For applicants” section.  

The documentation is admitted in June, July and August. The enrolment to the Preliminary course is organized without entrance examination. The enrolment to the Bachelor and Master programs is organized on the base of the entrance examination in Mathematics, Physics and Russian language carried out in the form of the interview.

Documents needed to hand in the application:

  • application form (it can be found on the site)
  • photocopy of the passport
  • the photocopy of the document about the previous education with a notarized translation into Russian 

The procedure of preparing and submitting the documents.
The foreign citizen who wants to study in MPEI, submits to MPEI the prepared documents using e-mail ( or using the fax +7 (495) 362-7605. The city where the Russian Consulate, where the applicant will get the Russian visa, is situated should be necessarily mentioned in the application form, as well as the exact mail address, the phone number, fax, and the e-mail address. The essential details will be made more precise during the correspondence (the e-mail is preferable).

In case of taking a positive decision, MPEI officially informs the applicant about that and makes a request for the visa support  in the Federal Migration Service of Russia. After receiving the official Invitation to study in Russia MEI signs an education contract with the student, the student pays for the first semester of study in MPEI and then MPEI sends the student the Invitation.

After receiving the official  Invitation the student personally applies to the Russian Consulate to get the visa.. After getting the visa and buying the ticket to Russia , the student informs MPEI about the time and date of his arrival to Moscow and the flight number at least 3 workdays before the arrival.

Documents essential to enter MPEI

After the arrival the student submits to the MPEI the following documents:

  • The original of the application form with student’s own signature
  • Russian entrance visa for the MPEI study
  • Migration card or registration (arrival notification) in Moscow or Moscow region
  • The original of the legalized document about the previous education and its supplement
  • The evidence of the equivalent of the documentation about the education
  •  Medical certificate
  • 12 photos size 3x4 cm 

In case of absence of the needed documents the student has to leave Russia within 3 days. If the evidence of the equivalent of the documentation about the education is missing, MPEI can allow the student to study, if the student receives and submits to the MPEI this evidence in the course of the first semester of study.